5th Nov – Coronavirus (COVID‑19)  UPDATE

As we are sure you’ve heard by now, sadly the UK Government has had to anounce new measures in the UK from the 5th Nov. This means that we will have to suspend our church services that we have planned to hold in the church with immediate effect.

In case you missed it: here is a link to the recent government posting: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

We still care for each one of you

We have had to cancel our 9.30 services going forward and a new diary of events will be published shortly as we move again to doing things online.

Please visit back here for updates, as we try to ensure that the website is upto date across all the pages and as we plan for how we can keep together as a fellowship, to support each other and serve those in need in our community

Please let us know if you need help, support or prayer.


3rd Nov 2020 – Update Letter to the parish

5th Nov – Coronavirus (COVID‑19) UPDATE