Creation in Crisis Trail

2021 is a significant year for Our Planet. In November, the UK hosts the UN Climate Summit (COP26), when world leaders will present their goals for halting the rise in global warming.

To highlight the Summit and the issues that will be considered there, Windsor Christian Aid is setting up a ‘Creation in Crisis’ trail with 15 stations, around Windsor town centre for the week-end of 25-26 September. The trail will highlight Key Issues of the current Global Environmental Crisis using artwork, factual summaries, reflections and suggested actions. The trail will be marked on a specially prepared map which people can use to locate each station. Our ambition for the Trail is to raise people’s awareness of the State of Our Planet, of how our behaviours can exacerbate or diminish this State and of the significance of COP26 for all our futures. We hope that the Trail will be fun and educational and will encourage people to act.

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Creation in Crisis Trail

Event Details

This event finished on 26 September 2021