All Saints Church Dedworth are fully committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community. A PDF of our policy is shown below along with the rest of the documents for you to download and view.

Our Safeguarding Policy


Safeguarding Policy Documents

If you wish to view or download PDF versions of any of our Safeguarding Policy Documents you can do so here. Please click the links below:

01 Safeguarding Policy Statement Feb 2021.pdf
02 Parish Who’s Who Feb 2021.pdf
03 Safeguarding Training Policy Feb 2020.pdf
04 Terms used in safeguarding Feb 2020.pdf
05 Responding Recording and Reporting Safeguarding Situations Feb 2020.pdf
06 Pastoral Care Feb 2020.pdf
07 Safeguarding Code of Conduct Feb 2020.pdf
08 Working with Children.pdf
09 Group Activities Feb 2020.pdf
10 Transport Policy Mar 2020.pdf
11 Recruitment Policy Feb 2020.pdf
12 Photography and Filming Policy Feb 2020.pdf
13 Social Media Policy Feb 2020.pdf
14 Premises Hire Agreement Feb 2020.pdf
15 Compaints and Whistleblowing Feb 2020.pdf

If you don’t have a PDF viewer installed on your computer, you can download one by visiting:

Contact the Safeguarding Officer

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