2023 APCM & Tea

2023 APCM & Tea

APCM – 14th May 4pm: Let’s meet together to give thanks together for all God is doing through his people. There’ll be tea and refreshments afterwards. The Annual Report will be published very soon in advance of the meeting, which will take the same shape as last year. The reports won’t be read out on the day, but there’ll be an opportunity to ask any questions. We’ll also elect the Churchwarden’s and members of the PCC as representatives and trustees for the next year.

If you missed it, please do watch the service on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Wdp_WQfq4iY

2023 05 14 All Saints Church APCM 2023

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Download the files below by clicking on the links:

2022 MP and APCM Minutes.pdf

Agenda ACM APCM 2023.pdf

All Saints Dedworth Annual Report 2023.pdf
2023 APCM & Tea

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