Come and See – The Way of Love

Come and See takes place in Lent each year. It’s our big, warm open invitation to an adventure in faith and trust. It’s for everyone in the local church and the whole community… including children and young people, families and schools. It’s free of charge and all are welcome. 

What is the theme for 2024?

In three of the four gospels, Jesus is asked which commandment is the most important. He answers not with one commandment but with two: you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength, and you shall love your neighbour as yourself. Come and See shows how these two commandments can give a rhythm and a shape to our lives. 

6 Sessions

The gallery below shows a little of what we will look at. If you want to find out more, do get in touch – email:

Come and See – The Way of Love