Sermon 15th Jan 2023 11am gathering
15th January 2023

Sermon 15th Jan 2023 11am gathering

We have recorded our talk in case you missed it or want to listen again. Here is the OOS together with our bible reading. Please do get in touch with us if you need prayer for anything at all.

    Order of Service 11am 15th Jan 2023

Pre-service worship: The Same Love
Welcome – Paul
Song – VIDEO: Fruit of the Spirit
All age slot – Good news
Prayer and kids to their groups
Prayers: Mike Brooks
Extended worship:
-Open the Eyes of my Heart
-Higher than the mountains (One thing remains)
-King of Kings (majesty)
Talk: Paul (Inc. readings below)
Communion – Paul (usual Family Service Liturgy please)
- Faithful one [SG547]
- Who you say I am -Hillsong
- Who breaks the power (This is Amazing Grace )
Blessing - Paul
Post worship Video: Goodness of God