6th April – GAP Programme “A Very Special Meal”

Note: There are 2 sessions this week as Holy Week is such an important week for us all.

A Very Special Meal – Remembering

Play and Activity Ideas

  • Let’s pretend houses, dens, tents with place to eat
  • Dolls houses and Playmobil – at home
  • Set the table together for your lunch/tea – do it carefully and talk about what you need and why


  • Picture Pairs
  • Memory game apps
  • Kim’s game – I explain later


  • Good morning.
  • I’m a little teapot.
  • Polly put the kettle on.
  • Tommy thumb.
YouTube player


  • Make play dough or plastercine food to fill a plate
  • Take a paper plate and use glue and whatever craft materials you have to fill it with ‘food’


This is best done at meal time when setting the table together and eating nice food is all part of the story time. Have some squash and bread or crackers ready as part of the meal. You will be asked to pause the video while you eat and then restart it for the last part.

YouTube player

Remembering Jesus

What do you remember about Jesus? Have a discussion. What is he like? What did he do?

Please send in what the children say via What’s App and I will put them all in a memory board which I will send back out to you all and put in this space on the All Saints website.

Your special meals

Think about special meals you have had as a family. Share your memories within your family. These pictures will remind you of some.

Maybe draw a picture of one that you can send to us. Or draw one of the special one Jesus had with his friends that we have remembered today.

Prayer time

Pick up something from your kitchen that you really like. Remember where it came from and why it is special to you. Remember the people who you associate with that item and pray for them now.

Let’s say:
Thank you God for the people this reminds me of . . . .
Keep them happy and safe today. Amen

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6th April – GAP Programme “A Very Special Meal”