8th June – GAP Programme “Fizzing with Jesus Power”

Fizzing with Jesus Power


  • Dancing, twisting and turning – dance to music of your choice or one of the songs listed below. Use musical instruments that you have or can devise.

I’ve got that joy joy joy

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Mighty God

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  • Play at shops and shopping and / or look through catalogues together. Discuss the importance of money, and how shopping less fun if you have none.
  • Small world cars and people play

Activity Ideas and Crafts

  • String people

Equipment – String or wool, paper, gluestick.

Take a piece of paper onto which the child can draw a pattern, or use a piece of patterned wrapping paper or whatever.

Use pieces of string or wool to stick on to the paper in the shape of a person. Have the arms pointing upwards so it looks as if they are praising God.

ALTERNATIVELY make your dancing, prancing man out of cold cooked spaghetti. It’s a little less sticky!

  • Make fizzy drinks. This could be mixing fruit juice with sparkling water, using a soda stream or adding lemonade to squash. Enjoy drinking with a straw and experience the fizz up the nose!
  • If you can get hold of popping candy cook buns or cookies with a few of these and enjoy eating them and experiencing the popping. I gather fizzer sweets are also a thing if you can get hold of some. Lemon sherbets used to do it.
  • Scavenger hunt to find beautiful things. Take a photo and share to the group.
  • Picture of a Beautiful Gate


Scavenger Hunt for Beautiful things


  • Good morning.
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes.
  • Wind the Bobbin up.
  • I’m a little teapot.
  • When all the world is sleeping. (scarecrow song)
  • I reach up high and I touch the ground
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  • Wiggle song          
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This song video recaps the story admirably. He went walking and leaping and praising God like you did during the video and made your string man dance

  • Peter and John went to pray  
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Prayer time

Let’s be quiet now and think of one person we know who is not very well. Say their name. Jesus please make this person better. Amen

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8th June – GAP Programme “Fizzing with Jesus Power”